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Safety Program Keeps Colleagues Connected in the Field

Otis Mechanic Dino Digristina promotes his passion of safety through unique group focused on field associates.

When Otis field professionals encounter a safety issue, we want them to speak up and stop work to ensure the well-being of themselves and each other. As one of our Otis Absolutes, safety is a non-negotiable part of the job and our goal remains the same: We want every colleague to return home safe every day.

Otis mechanic Dino Digristina feels strongly about our safety culture, volunteering his time to serve as co-lead of our Field Associate Safety Team (FAST) in Chicago. Dino – along with other volunteers from the Maintenance, Repair, and Modernization teams – acts as a liaison between colleagues in the field and branch leadership.

“I present photos, information, and whatever I have, to assist the mechanics out in the field so they feel safe and comfortable in sharing any hazards they see. We want people to be up front and honest,” he said.